One Month to Prepare

The Dragon Returns


The fierce dragon, Gazdragal, has targeted the village of Meadowshire. He attacks at the end of the month. A hero must rise up to protect the village, but is one month enough time to prepare? Achieve your goals with action, fun, and battle through The Dragon Returns: One Month to Prepare. Players set personal goals with specific tasks to fulfill as they play, helping to bring meaningful change to the Player’s life! Real life progress connects to in-game rewards that are the only chance of fending off the impending dragon attack. 

Create and follow a Hero across a month of real time as they grow in strength and ability as the Player completes their own personal goals. Rogue-like character progression allows the Player to choose a unique path for their Hero. Gain powerful items, skills, and allies. Play alone or gain extra motivation by playing with friends and join together for an epic final battle!