Printable Collections give a player everything they need to play Dead Record in an easy to print format. Print and cut terrain pieces, templates, character, monster, and item tokens. Two dimensional printed terrain is easy to store and quick to reproduce, allowing a player to acquire needed terrain pieces in minutes, not months, and carry it all in a single folder. 

Dead Record can be played using 3D terrain, too! Miniature gaming is an amazing hobby where dedicated builders and painters can make beautiful model scenery and terrain for wargames and RPGs. It is not for everyone, however. A player without the time, money, skill, or interest in making their own 3D terrain can print everything they need for a terrain-based tabletop game using paper tokens! 

Printable Collection

Find the printable tokens and terrain required to play the Tutorial Campaign. This set of images is FREE and will give players what they need to explore the town of Oakridge and learn to play a short Dead Record campaign.

Expanded Printables: Brentwick

Print an expanded collection of Survivors, Vehicles, and large detailed buildings for use in Dead Record’s first full campaign! Survival in the town of Brentwick may require the Survivors to scavenge a variety of interesting buildings filled with hidden dangers, such as the supermarket, pharmacy, and hardware store.