Dead Record

The world is changing and the dead are rising. What was first a simple virus with stay-at-home orders has mutated into something more dangerous. An infection begins that, upon a human’s death, reanimates a human’s corpse into a mindless eater of flesh, or worse. Those who had once been friendly neighbors are now monsters wandering through their communities, eager to kill. Communication has ended, the TV is dead, electricity: gone. Is there even anyone else around to help?

Experience the story of survival as told through the journal of one survivor as they gather allies and fight their way to eventual rescue. It is a story of persistence, teamwork, survival, and sacrifice. As mutations in the virus evolve, can you adapt to face new dangers? Or will the record of this survivor’s story be tragically cut short?

A solo adventure.
A team of survivors.

Survive the dead in deadly missions. Scavenge new gear or purchase upgrades with your supplies.. Lead your survivors to safety.

The dead rise.

You are outnumbered by the dead and will need to use your wits to survive. Simple zombies, racing sprinters, elusive leapers, deadly brutes and more are ready to rip survivors limb from limb.

Sneak to safety...

Choose your approach with a system that rewards quiet and stealth. After all, you can't be chased if "they" don't know you're there.

...or GO LOUD!

Subtlety is for wimps. EAT LEAD!

Intriguing maps.
Endless possibilities

Use Dead Record's Terrain Generator to create compelling maps for any mission. Follow rolls of the dice to create an inspired setting for any mission. No two players would play the same mission the same way, allowing for incredible replayability!

Starter Materials


Escaping Brentwick


Printable Collections

Print and map your own missions with endless possibilities.

Great for use with miniatures and model terrain, too!

The Cover Art

How about that amazing cover art? Check out artist Patrick McMullen at!

Instagram: @pmcpencil

Dead Record is available for download at DriveThruRPG!