Starter Materials

Starter Materials

Interested in taking Dead Record for a test drive? Try out the Tutorial Campaign! The Tutorial Campaign is a small set of linear missions located in the town of Oakridge. These missions give a new player the opportunity to test out various types of missions and get to know the rules. Each mission is prefaced with guidance on how to equip your survivors, spend supplies, and locate important information in the Rulebook and Campaign Guide.

What is included: 

Tutorial Campaign: Oakridge

Your journey through the world of Dead Record begins here, in Oakridge, with the Tutorial Campaign. These five missions serve to introduce the player to the game’s rule set, structure, and mechanics. It gives the player the opportunity to develop Survivors in a less-demanding environment than the grittier Full Campaign. This Tutorial Campaign allows the player to experience the different types of missions and provides ample Supplies to test a variety of the game’s Items. 

A good tutorial is meant to teach. This campaign will serve to instruct players who may be new to tabletop gaming. Follow the missions and read through the step-by-step guide to learn how the game is played.

Can you help the Survivors from Oakridge find rescue? Good luck!

Dead Record is available for download at DriveThruRPG!