Escaping Brentwick

Escaping Brentwick

Life in suburban Brentwick is turning on its head. Follow the story of the survivors’ struggle to escape a growing army of the dead. Help the survivors escape death, rescue others, scavenge for supplies, and find an escape to safety. Rolls of the dice help generate unforeseen maps with hidden dangers unknown to the player. Survival in Brentwick takes many forms. The path to rescue leads through an unpredictable mission order, encountering different risks or rewards to unlock through unpredictable Mission Selection.

What is included: 

Massive Campaign, Unlimited Replayability.

The town of Brentwick is the setting for the first full campaign of Dead Record. Help a small group of survivors find safety in numbers, scavenge for supplies, and defend themselves long enough to be rescued from desperate circumstances.

Dead Record is a Solo Tabletop Tactical Role Playing Game that puts the player in charge of a small group of survivors battling an unexpected army of the dead. Locate new survivors and equip them with deadly weapons, explosives, and traps. Strengthen your team with experience and equipment to face ever-growing dangers.

Embrace the unknown! Extremely variable missions, monsters, and terrain provide an unpredictable gaming experience with hidden dangers around each turn. A Campaign Score system provides endless possibilities for each playthrough. It’s like having hundreds of campaigns in one!

Turn-Based Combat. Carefully choose how to approach each mission. Decide when to fight or flee to successfully complete a mission. Is it better to sneak quietly or blast every monster in sight? Characters in Dead Record grow with each mission improving their skills, equipment, and managing lingering injuries.