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Miniature Gaming in Two Dimensions

Dead Record: Explore the Game!

Survive a quarantine gone wrong.

Tabletop Games

Greyshield Games focuses on creating fun, printable games that are easy to learn! Play alone or with a friend!

The clipboard has a folder built into it to hold most materials inside!

Printable Fun

Store all the maps, figures, and terrain that would normally fill a basement into easy to store folders! Comes in easy to print black and white!

Now with full color printables!

Go Solo! ...or with a friend!

Games are designed with a single player in mind. Rather play as a group? Games are easy to transform into a cooperative adventure for multiple players!


Sharing the fun shouldn't be expensive. Find Greyshield Games at and let me know how you liked it. Leave a tip, if you'd like, to buy me a cup of coffee.

Blast these bad guys on the cheap!

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